5 Reasons Every Business Needs Proper Translation Services

Globalization means that companies of all sizes and in all kinds of fields can access new markets more quickly, access foreign cultures and attract new specialized talent from around the world. However, going global is not without its challenges.

First, the diversity of your workforce can create differences in cultural expectations and internal communication, as employees are likely to work in different locations and may have different native languages. Second, bringing products to market and supporting customers in new markets can create barriers for your business due to language barriers and cultural differences.

Here’s the problem: many cities around the world are now global communities. As such, business success is only possible for organizations that can reach multicultural audiences and effectively interact with customers in the language they speak and understand. This is especially important for businesses and organizations in compliance-intensive industries such as financial services, scientific research, healthcare, travel and tourism, legal, and education.

So, if you plan to further expand your business globally, working with a reliable translation service is the best way to ensure that your business communication is flawless and successful. With that in mind, here’s why every business needs a good Translation services in today’s digital world:

Improve brand awareness and visibility

A 2020 survey by CSA Research found that 40% of internet users would not buy from websites that are not in their native language. In another survey by the same organization, 75% of consumers make a positive buying decision when product information on a website is in their native language.

According to Translated, companies that translate their websites into major international languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian gain access to 80% of the power of global online shopping.

These results reveal one thing: it’s not enough to market your products to a wider audience. If you can’t break through the language barrier and adapt your website and marketing materials to your customers’ native language, they won’t understand your brand message and values. And chances are they’ll move on to a competitor who has invested in proper translations and can handle them comfortably with greater accuracy.

Better business communication

As mentioned, success in the global market means being able to not only implement effective marketing strategies, but also to reach different audiences and interact with them with greater precision. The truth is that no business can enter the global market without eliminating the language barrier.

Communication is crucial when it comes to building relationships with new clients and maintaining existing ones. Since the world has become a global village, everything about your business, from your business plans to your website to your product descriptions, needs to be translated into the target native language. This will help you avoid very unpleasant misunderstandings with customers and employees around the world. Moreover, it will make your business more accessible and generate more sales.

Location matters

A 2014 study found that 86% of localized mobile ads resulted in better conversion and click-through rates than their English counterparts. Moreover, statistics show that only 25% of Internet users communicate in English, which means that every company that goes global must translate its website and its content into different languages ​​to cater to the remaining 75% of Internet users.

Your website is a sales and marketing tool that educates, informs, and inspires prospects and existing customers. Language localization allows you to adapt your business or organization to the language and culture of that country, allowing you to get the most out of your target market. It therefore becomes easier to enter any foreign market when you have localized your business by translating your marketing materials and website into the target language.

Ensure an accurate and reliable translation

You probably already know that running a business requires being precise and precise, especially when it comes to communicating with employees, customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders.

Although there are free online translation tools you can use to translate your marketing content and website into different languages, they often lead to poor quality results. You could reduce the cost of translation and localization, but you risk ending up with grammatical errors, clunky language, and cultural faux pas that could cost your business lost sales.

The last thing you want is for your audience to misunderstand your brand message, product features, or services. As a global business, you cannot afford to create misunderstanding or be unclear to your target audience as this will make them reluctant to engage with your brand. The good news is that you can avoid all of this with a good translation service.

Helps you avoid legal problems

Every company strives to create high quality products and services and provide them to potential customers. However, to control how what you offer is represented in a foreign market, you need to translate your business materials into languages ​​that your target audience can understand.

Additionally, most governments around the world require foreign companies to provide customers with terms and conditions, business plans, and other important documents in the native language. It should also be mentioned that it is mandatory that these documents be written in the appropriate language, with appropriate wording. In addition, they must be very precise and precise. Translation errors can easily lead to legal issues or lawsuits, which is why you need proper translation services.

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Connie A. Bailey