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NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, Jan. 29, 2022 / — According to a recent Google report, approx. 85% of people enjoy reading content or watching videos in regional languages, for better understanding.

A quick Internet search will reveal the names of more than a dozen translation services. Once you visit the official websites of these legal translation services, each claims to offer the best translation service at the most economical rates. This makes choosing the right translation agency quite a difficult and confusing task. For translation buyers, having their work translated into a language they don’t understand is extremely daunting. Judging the quality of writing and eliminating typos or other errors is also tedious. But ordering a translation effectively means placing a “baby” in the hands of another person.

Here are some points that can help differentiate a good translation agency from a bad translation agency:

Good Quality Translators:- Ultimately, the quality of services provided by a translation agency will depend on the quality of the translators working there. Therefore, an agency that hires qualified and experienced translators is bound to provide much better legal translation services than an agency that employs unqualified and inexperienced translators. Thus, by running a quick background check on the translators present in an agency, users would be able to determine whether it is worth hiring the services of that translation agency or not.

Find a native speaker:- Some people are exceptions to this rule, having been raised in a bilingual family, for example. But in general, always work with a translator who is a native speaker of the language into which any document needs to be translated.

Check the specialized field of the translator:- If you need a technical text translated, look for a native technical translator specific to the field. If you need to translate legal documents, look for a translator who specializes in law. If you need to translate marketing texts, look for a translator with experience in this field. This is one way to increase your chances of getting top quality results.

Look for professional certification: – A professional certification such as ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 17100 demonstrates that a translator is committed to a specific professional code of conduct. As most associations now actively promote the importance of participating in continuing professional development, translators who are members of these organizations are also likely to work continuously to improve their skills and maintain a competitive edge.

Market Reputation: – When a conversation goes through a translator, believe that every word spoken by the translator is the truth. It can be difficult to have such blind faith in a stranger and therefore need to hire the services of a reputable agency. The fact that the agency has managed to build a good reputation for itself is proof that it has in the past rendered good and honest service to its clients, and this may be the strongest foundation on which to build trust in the agency. agency and its translators as well.

Non-disclosure agreement: – Many confidential data and information are exchanged during official meetings. Since the translator would be present at the meeting and all the conversation would go through that translator, including reading documents etc., it becomes very important that the translator agrees to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the safety of your data. If any of the translation services refuse to sign this agreement or if their translators do not agree to sign this NDA, then hiring the services of these agencies can be extremely risky for businesses or individuals.

Linguainfo Services Pvt. is a leading translation company that can provide a professional language service, with certified and experienced linguists, native in-house translators with degrees in several areas of expertise (philology, law, economics, psychology, etc.) who have a long career. in the translation of legal and academic texts in fields such as business, technical, medicine, law, IT and they are able to add value through language services provided in varieties.

What distinguishes a good company?
How crucial the human elements are to the target audience of the translated work and strongly committed to conveying all intended messages across any communication boundary. Caring about languages ​​and caring about the voice of the customer.

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